Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Luke 12:40

You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.’

Lessons while walking

The mind wanders when you walk a pilgrimage as I recently did across northern Spain.

With no phone, TV or media to distract, you feel your life, joys and sorrows, regrets and hopes, treasured faces from long ago and futures you’d love to live.  

But walk long enough and everything falls away. The mind quiets, thoughts disappear and you are simply there, walking. The noise in your mind fades to silence, and all you hear is your own footfalls.

It is then realize you cannot think your way through ... or around ...  the confusion and challenges of your life. You must simply receive what each moment brings ... and keep walking.

There is peace in this. You can be where you are, attention tuned to the moment, no longer distracted by a thousand things you cannot change or fix or understand or resolve.

Don’t think. Just walk. This became the mantra of my journey. I repeated it every day, over and over.

Sometimes, the voice was not my own, but a voice of promise: “Don’t think. Just walk. Keep your eyes and your ears and your heart open. I will come. I am Love, and I will meet you on the road.”

The promise proved to be true. Every day. It is always true. The Great Love, as I long ago learned to name the God we know in Jesus Christ, will meet us on the way.

And so it was, on a warm day in the mountains. There were two Greek girls who laughed when I told them they were not lost, and a Columbian man who gave me water as my lungs were about to collapse climbing Montserrat. There was Dave, from Oakland, limping on a bum knee about the time I thought I could go no higher, and a young Spanish couple who wanted hold each other and have their photo taken at the mountaintop. Little did they know they held my heart, too.

For in each of these the Great Love spoke, “See? I told you so.

“Just keep walking.”

 Pr. David L. Miller

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