Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2010

Today’s text

1 Samuel 10:6

The spirit of Yahweh will then seize on you, and you will…and be changed into another man.


I want this change. I want to be changed, not into some other person but into the man I am when the strong Spirit of God’s grace and goodness fills me. I want to bring out of my mind and heart the best I have, the best I have received from God through creation and all the days of my living.

Sometimes it happens, unleashing joy and immense freedom. I become what I am, powered by the Spirit of Love, who moves me into the fullness of my beauty and strength that I may pour it into the task of blessing and caring for the daily duties and people who have been given to me.

There’s no feeling like it in the world. The heart is filled with gratitude, and satisfaction of soul fills my being as I know that at least for one moment or hour I have done or said what I was born to say and do.

So it is when the Spirit of God fills us. Samuel, the Prophet, was sent to find and anoint Saul, a tall, strong, handsome youth who was traversing the hills of Palestine, looking for his father’s lost donkeys. Saul was to be king, the first one over Israel. But he could not lead until the Spirit seized on him and made him a different man, the leader God saw in him.

May it be so also for us.

Pr. David L. Miller