Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, November, 29, 2015

Isaiah 9:2

The people who walked in darkness
   have seen a great light;
those who lived in a land of deep darkness—
   on them light has shined. 

Morning praise

Pink rims the horizon as the day’s first rays light limbs once dead, now draped with the season’s white garland, shimmering the eye and heart. 
Winter falls, but not on our souls. For this day is bathed in light, and light lifts our hearts, awakening awareness of the goodness of life and all that lives.
We move our chairs to catch the rays and allow them to penetrate to our core, basking in this gift given from the generosity of you, Loving Mystery, who called it … and us … into being.
It is as if we know our hearts will die, cold and lost without the golden gift of morning that awakens our bodies and stirs our hearts to the beauty and goodness of life, a new day a, gift given that we might know the goodness of you, the Giver. 
Light is life. Without it there is no life, no growth, no glorious dazzle of daybreak pinks and purples on white snowfields delighting our senses and making us glad we are alive. 
You are Light, Holy One, the Light from whom all light flows to bathe this old rock we call home. In the light, we know the Light you are, and in the darkness we feel your absence, awakening longing for morning to brim eastward and wake our hopes again for love and life, for peace and the beauty to warm our hearts and stir praise in our hearts. 
Thank you, O Lord. Thank you for coming to the dark places to lift my soul. You are light, and you shine in every love and grace-filled moment. 
Chase away every darkness and fill us with hope for every tomorrow.

Pr. David L. Miller

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