Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Psalm 84:10-11a

For a day within the Heart of Love is more to be desired than a thousand years elsewhere. I would rather be a servant in your dwelling place, than live in riches among those who know not Love. For the Beloved is as radiant as the sun, as strong as a steel shield, and invites each one to come, to partake of the Banquet. (Paraphrase, Nan C. Merrill)

Heart of Love

Where is this Heart of Love if not in the depth of our souls where we may retreat and rest and know you, showered by the great rain of grace that washes away every fear and enlivens our hearts with hopes that do not die?

Open the doors of our hearts that we may enter the Holiness within us, the secret province of soul where you dwell full of Love and Peace, welcoming us to come away from the busyness of life and know the Banquet that fills the soul when we dwell in you.

For your Heart is Love unbounded, the home where we may dwell wanting, needing nothing … because we have you. We are enclosed within you, surrounded and safe in the Love that never dies, the Love who calls us, “My joy, my delight.”

We live in the light of your delight, Holy One. But we forget and lose ourselves, our peace and place in the soul’s inmost room.

Our feet take us many places. Our lives make many connections with other lives, some filled with joy and others staggering beneath the burdens and sorrows that come to every life.

Draw us back into yourself when thoughts and anxieties cloud our hearts and we wander far from the inner room of knowing you … and knowing ourselves in you.

May our hearts retreat and rest in the Heart of Love you are within the secret province of our souls. May every word flow from this Eternal Spring of Loving Grace you are within.

Expand our hearts. Make them large and spacious with room for others to dwell with us, enclosed, safe and surrounded in the Heart of Love … where there is room for everyone.

Knowing your Heart is better than life itself. You are my joy, my delight, my Eternal Beloved.

Pr. David L. Miller

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