Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today’s text

John 1:16

Indeed, from his fullness we have, all of us, received -- one gift replacing another,


All. No one is left out. All that that is came into being from the Source who fills the heart and words of Jesus, the passion of God made flesh.

At our core, too, lies that sparkling diamond of divine life, that divine spark which gives us life, yet awaits the cleansing of all that obscures its beauty.

The fullness that bubbles from the being of Jesus is not his alone, for all we who have life share in this fullness, bearing the image and likeness of the One who has no name, the Mystery who is Love.

This is who we are, and the contradictions of our lives, the pains and self-doubt all start … one way or another … when we lose track of our being … of the Mystery of Love who gives life and is our truest self.

For each of us … and all we see … is the breathing of Being Itself, the overflow of grace and gift from the Infinite we cannot grasp.

I sat yesterday and watched a flock of birds against a sparkling blue sky. They cut right and rose, turning quickly and disappeared at great speed beyond a grove of trees, only to be followed by a smaller flock rising against the blue.

My heart filled with love and peace at what I saw, hearing and knowing the Source of Life call my name in their beauty and teaching my heart that the life and beauty I see is my Source, too.

I have received being without asking, and in this simple awareness I know what the Heart of God is: the Heart of Being in joy pours out, a fountain of life whose pleasure and delight is the dark shadow of birds on against an brilliant sky … and the surge of love for life this evokes from a silent place in my depths that belongs to God alone.

I taste Life and Love complete and full, knowing the fullness of my brother Jesus and the fullness for which I am intended … and which in eternity will be mine and all.

The moment is an intuition of eternity on a cold January afternoon. More: it is a vision of the Life who is the life of all things … from whom we have all received.

Knowing … the life of the birds … the Heart of my heart … joy is the only possible response.

Pr. David L. Miller

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