Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today’s text

Matthew 13:1-9

[Jesus] put another parable before them, 'The kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. While everybody was asleep his enemy came, sowed darnel all among the wheat, and made off. When the new wheat sprouted and ripened, then the darnel appeared as well. The owner's laborers went to him and said, "Sir, was it not good seed that you sowed in your field? If so, where does the darnel come from?" He said to them, "Some enemy has done this." And the laborers said, "Do you want us to go and weed it out?" But he said, "No, because when you weed out the darnel you might pull up the wheat with it. Let them both grow till the harvest; and at harvest time I shall say to the reapers: First collect the darnel and tie it in bundles to be burnt, then gather the wheat into my barn."


I listen, Jesus, and you ask me a question: How do you see?

Your meaning is clear enough. Do you see the beauty of the wheat swaying in the wind, having burst from the cramped confines of the seed? Or do you see the weeds blemishing the scene, unwelcome interruptions amid the tall grain aglow in summer sun.

Perhaps you see both. But if so, does your heart brim with hope as you celebrate the promise of the seed’s growth, or does the presence of weeds spoil it for you? Do your eyes move more quickly to the ugly tangle of ragged weeds than to the beauty of life and hope?

How do you see? You ask again. And your meaning is clear.

You call me to repent and see as you see. You invite us to enter the world of your kingdom, eager to witness your beauty amid the tangled raggedness of life.

And seeing, we rest in the hope. For the seed of your gracious rule will grow into its proper harvest, in us and in our world, in us. Joy lies ever at hand for those who perceive it.

So open our eyes, Lord.

Pr. David L. Miller

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