Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today's text

Colossians 1:15-20

He [Christ] is the image of the unseen God, the first-born of all creation, for in him were created all things in heaven and on earth: everything visible and everything invisible, thrones, ruling forces, sovereignties, powers-all things were created through him and for him. He exists before all things and in him all things hold together, and he is the Head of the Body, that is, the Church. He is the Beginning, the first-born from the dead, so that he should be supreme in every way; because God wanted all fullness to be found in him and through him to reconcile all things to him, everything in heaven and everything on earth, by making peace through his death on the cross.


You want your fullness to be found. This is your everlasting desire, Loving Mystery. You want to be known. You want me to find and bask in the fullness of what the eye cannot see, the ear cannot hear and the mind cannot imagine.

Your desire consoles my heart and elevates my soul this winter’s morning. I am warmed by the love revealed here.

For the day’s work called to me amid fitful sleep. It awakened my anxious heart to tasks that out number the hours of the day. But now I awake in a world where your extravagant desire out weighs the anxiety of unfinished tasks.

You hunger for me to find, today, the fullness of you who are the Fullness of life and love, to know you in my brother Jesus, the Christ, the human face of your divine immensity, the shining light of your infinite darkness.

You made me in him, through him, for him, shaping me body and soul that I should be capable of you, capable of wanting you, of knowing you, of finding you--and incapable of finding fulfillment for my restlessness anywhere but in the fullness of your divine generosity.

May I find it today, O Loving Mystery? Let me know the fullness of your divine heart in the grace that draws us beyond ourselves into the blessed harmony and oneness that you intend. Open my heart to the gallery of divine wonder and joy in the familiar faces and spaces of my day.

Then I shall know the love by which, through which and for which I was made. I shall know you. Then your everlasting desire and my restless hunger will find peace.

Pr. David L. Miller

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