Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Praying the Mystery - the beginning...

Dear friends,

This school year I hope to offer a biblical reading and a prayer each weekday, Monday through Friday.

The readings will come from shorter New Testament writings, beginning with Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I will follow a lectio continuo method, continuous readings through the book. But I will move slowly, sometimes pausing to offer prayers for several days from one passage before moving on.

Each day I will quote a small portion of the text for the day, following with a prayer moved by the reading. You might keep a Bible nearby by to read the entire biblical reading appointed for the day.

I hope the biblical readings and prayers will stir your own prayers and continuing reflection throughout each day. Please read, reflect, speak your prayers and insights. Offer whatever the Spirit gives you, praise and petitions, confession or confusion, words or wonder. Then rest in the wonder of God’s loving presence.

I call this series Praying the mystery because our lives are a mystery hidden in a Love we can never fathom. In prayer we seek intimacy with the Love every heart desires and for which every life was made. There alone, we truly know ourselves—and the Loving Mystery who has treasured us since before the birth of time. We pray that we may see and know ourselves in Christ and be filled with the life he is pleased to share.

Pr. David L. Miller
Dean of the Chapel, Cornelsen Director of Spiritual Formation

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