Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday December 31, 2017

Luke 2:30

 … for my eyes have seen your salvation …


Thank you for eyes that see and a heart that feels much more than my words can say.

A lifetime is not nearly enough to find just the right words, with just the right sound. I struggle and long for words that resonate in the soul’s deepest chamber to speak the Love I see and know, the Love I feel … that I might give adequate praise to you.

I look upon all of Love’s creations, especially the lowliness of this peasant’s child, and I know who you are and what you think of us.

Taking our human form, you come to us that we might see your kindness and throw away our fears. I see his face, and salvation fills my heart; the Love you are fills me and we are one. There is no distance between us.

This is salvation … to dwell in union, oneness with you, where the Love you are fills me and leaves me with no words to speak, only tears of gratitude and a joy like no other.

I am speechless, and I feel your smile. For this is what you want me see and know and feel. This is why you come in a peasant’s child.

And this is why you invite me into the woods on cold winter days to watch the December sun set through the limbs of barren trees and feel the beauty of it all … and be saved once again.

You are the Love who comes and speaks in … everything … that we may hear and see and be saved. Every day.

There is so much more to say, but for now maybe two words are enough. Thank you … for eyes that see and a heart that feels salvation.

Pr. David L. Miller