Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ephesians 3:7-8

Of this gospel I have become a servant according to the gift of God’s grace that was given to me by the working of his power. Although I am the very least of all the saints, this grace was given to me to bring to the Gentiles the news of the boundless riches of Christ.

Boundless riches

Two words shimmer and penetrate the soul, singing the song of eternity--boundless riches. That is your name. That is who you are.

You are boundless, without boundary or end, without limit. There is no poverty or want in the riches of your grace. The fullness of your heart flows like a stream, fresh and clear, with no hurry or rush, a constant, never-waning life-giving flow beyond the anxiety of poverty and want.

You are always enough, always present, always more than we need, expect or imagine. The boundless riches of your divine heart go on and on. Your are boundless in reach, seeking even the saddest forgotten corners of human life and the hidden pain of my heart that I may  know you and know that you are unlike anything I have ever known.

Human hearts are trained to expect disappointment. We know that all that rises falls; every beauty fades, every joy wanes. Every soaring song whose rhythm lifts us to the heights too soon dies away.

But not you, for you are boundless riches. You are always more. There is no place you are not, no walls that hem you in. You reach to the end of time and beyond. The farthest corner of cosmic immensity is known to you.

No great sin or wound of our troubled soul is beyond your reach, your grace, your loving and healing compassion. Nothing is beyond you, for you are boundless riches, the ever-flowoing grace who satisfies the our yearning hearts.
Pr. David L. Miller